In my line of work international relations effects visa and passport processing immediately. When countries have issues with each other it effects visa processing and closures of their representation in the US.

One recent case is Russia and the current issues with the US. The US closed the Russian Consulate in Seattle and San Francisco and the Russians retaliated by closing the US Consulate in St. Petersburg.

What does this mean for the traveling public? It means less Russian visa sections in the US to process visa applications and more work for the visa offices that have remained open.

Travelers to Russia need to allow more time and make sure they have all the required documents. This is a great time to use a visa service such as ours, Travel Document Systems or Pinnacle Travel Documents because we know the complete Russian visa requirements and process.

Our respective companies can assist you in figuring out the requirements, the type of visa you need to apply for and provide you with the online application and customer service support if you have any questions or concerns.

The Russian visas are issued for single or multi-entry and can be expedited for an additional fee. To obtain a Russian visa you need visa support in the form of a hotel confirmation voucher, a business invitation or a homestay permit. This visa support is in addition to the application, photo and passport.

Traveling is wonderful way to connect cultures and expand our horizons but we have to make sure we have all our travel documentation needs in order!