It is extremely cold here in Washington DC, however, I am writing this blog post dreaming about being on a beach anywhere in the world! No place relaxes me more than being on the beach taking in the fresh air, watching the waves hit the shore and placing my toes in the soothing warm water. It is my NIRVANA being near water as it reduces my stress level and turns me into a calm being. I might have been a FISH in another life!

As one gets older what to wear to the beach can be a point of concern. Enter Sauvage Swimwear with the most beautiful one pieces. One can feel comfortable in a swimsuit but a tad sexy at the same time. Just because one grows older doesn’t mean one has to act ones age all the time! The swimsuits are made in San Diego and very original. I hope you can get away this winter and enjoy some rest & relaxation on a sublime beach.