Seed to table is a farm to table grocery store, dining venue and all out-food experience in Naples Florida. If you are a foodie, then you must visit this food emporium. Seed to table is a 78,000 square foot destination for anyone that wants to purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, meats, and baked goods. Moreover, there is a vast wine/champagne section, restaurants, juice bars, coffee bar and a host of kiosks that sell burgers, fresh salads, and seafood.

I was mesmerized when I walked in because I had never seen any food store of this size offering so many different eating options whether you take out freshly prepared foods or buy your groceries. Seed to table founded is by Alfie Oakes whose family believes in heating fresh & healthy. As one of Florida’s largest independent agrobusiness through his Oakes Farms Alfie Oakes not only supplies his own store but wholesales the produce and vegetables.

I am a big proponent of natural remedies for the skin and body and seed to table has a section in store that just addresses those issues by carrying products that are free of chemicals, dyes, and harmful additives. I purchased an organic face oil for nightly use that gives me a glow and soothes my skin without harsh chemicals. There are even chair massages with a section expanding in that area of health.

Alfie Oakes is enthusiastic about clean living and his politics. We might not all agree with all his viewpoints but what I do agree with is his achievement in building a business where  that only he sources through his agrobusiness but through vendors that believe in sustainability, fresh & healthy food. So many maladies can be controlled or stopped with clean food.