I don’t usually get excited because of a shampoo and conditioner but during this shelter at home period I was running out of shampoo and conditioner when I realized I had asked a friend that owns a hair salon in Los Angeles to give me some samples of the Shu Uemura hair products.

I had heard that this Japanese brand was excellent and made colored hair feel slick but the price point was a bit high!  

I used my samples of the color luster shampoo and conditioner after I colored my hair last Saturday and couldn’t get over the results. It was a total transformation so I ordered a bottle of the shampoo and conditioner on their website.

Both products have musk rose oil and goji berry extract that nourishes the hair and keeps it from facing. Plus I had this shine!

Since I am coloring, styling and cutting my own hair at home for the last two months I have learned so much about the right products to use.

The Shu Uemura products are wonderful because you don’t need to use a lot to feel the effect.

The price point is a bit high but when you sign in on their website you get a welcome discount and free shipping. You can’t beat that!