In my travels I come across great venues that bring life to each city that I visit. On a recent business trip to Austin, I was fortunate to be invited to dinner by a close friend to the Peacock Mediterranean Grill. Located in the Proper Hotel in downtown Austin it is a visual and culinary feast for the eyes.

The restaurant divided into a main dining area, a large chic lounge/bar area and a beautifully designed outdoor space. The outdoor eating space designed with gorgeous trees and plants a is breathtaking. We ate in the main dining area because the weather was cool. The menu consists of shareable appetizers, entrees, and dessert. The portions are large and freshly prepared in an open concept kitchen.

My favorite are the items prepared in the wood burning oven which have a smoky flavor. We started with a house made hummus with their fresh baked bread then shared the grilled chicken and fish on skewers prepared in the woof burning oven. For our sides we had the saffron rice with pistachios & lemon zest, the mujaddarah with lentils, basmati rice and fried onions and the potato & herb latkes. It was a great deal of food, and we could have just ordered one entrée, but all the choices looked and tasted so good!

The Peacock is a great venue to unwind have fantastic food and savor the great exterior & interior design in the Proper Hotel.