I am enamored with tea as it calms and comforts me. While in Bhutan I had the pleasure of sipping my tea at the tea house at Zhiwa Ling. 

The tea house is set on a hill in a separate cottage on the peaceful grounds next to the meditation room and greenhouse with a clear view of the mountains. The setting coupled with the tea placed one in a state of nirvana!  

There are couches and chairs with a wood burning fireplace that gives one a cozy feel to relax, reflect and recharge.  Whether one just sits and stares enjoys the view, reads a book or chats with a friend it is a healing experience. 

We savored our tea with delicious cookies and enjoyed chatting about our hiking experience to the top of the Tigers Nest Monastery and back down.

The tea houses are customary in the Himalayas and I am so glad that I was able to experience one in such a pristine setting and recharge my soul.