The Urban Zen marketplace that pops up for the holidays in New York City by Donna Karan is a bastion of conscious and sustainable retail luxury showcasing clothing, accessories, home décor and coffee table books.

Donna Karan calls it “a destination of soulful cultural objects”. There is magnificent clothing and accessories from Karan’s Urban Zen line and artisanal products from all over the globe. I adore the jackets and jerseys that I can travel with and take from business to casual.

Karan has created an oasis to relax and reflex in the hectic pace of New York. When you walk into the marketplace at 711 Greenwich Street you instantly destress because the environment is so soothing. Her vision to mix fashion with sustainable artisan products is genius.

Her commitment to teach skills to underprivileged areas of the globe and then sell their products allows for a full circle of global philanthropy where citizens of the world are not just given hand outs but through skills that earn them an income.

I love visiting the Urban Zen marketplace because I feel like I am apart of Donna Karan’s travels and I get to see the best pieces that she has curated. To me the marketplace is more a gallery of culture and fashion than a store. It inspires me to be conscious of what I buy and make sure the money I spend for myself or others is directed to a cause that empowers our global citizens!