During these tumultuous times self care is paramount to me. If we don’t take care of ourselves mentally and physically it becomes even more difficult to continue in these stressful times.  

I started the quarantine in gym clothes but with the advent of summer I transitioned to casual sundresses, skirts and shorts that I can easily wash at home in the washing machine.  

The same goes with shoes. I  have been wearing sneakers so that I can Lysol them when get home. Not glam but practical! 

I have been eyeing the Tom Ford Jago White sneakers because they are different and I could wear them with a tailored suit once my real life starts again!  

The tailored look appeals to me because these are sneakers are not meant for sports but perfect for traveling for pleasure or business. 

I have been very careful about not spending on nonessential items but come this Fall I am going to make just a few exceptions!