There are many times after getting off a flight or a long day at my office that I have to go to a client event or meeting. That is the life of a marketing executive. Networking and client relations is part of the job.

I sometimes think how am I going to put myself together to look radiant and glowing to combat the fatigue and stress of a long day.

In my makeup bag I have an arsenal of products but my YSL Touché Eclat is my go to when I need to highlight and offset any dark shadows under my eyes, forehead or nose.

I have tried other products but this formula is my saving grace and my tested friend. It doesn’t let me down. The formulation is light but effective. It goes on quickly and is not harsh. It blends nicely with my skin. I can either use a 2 or 2.5 color depending on if I am tan or not.

Just a small amount under my eyes, between my eyes on my forehead and down my nose gives me a brightened non tired look. It radiates on the spot.

Nothing makes up for rest and sleep but in this non stop complicated world we live in it helps rejuvenate my tired facial look.

I actually wrote this blog post while on a five plus hour flight to the west coast. As I get wiser (hate the word older) I find that there are a few makeup pieces that are truly essential for me. Touché Eclat by YSL is a proven commodity and when I see it on my face I am amazed at how quick the cosmetic effects are.

Listen, I take all the help I can find that is non evasive!