I love classic and elegant bags that can be worn for years and be passed down through family and friends. I don’t follow fast trends that come and go so when a fashion line like Valentino goes back to their archives for design inspirations I relish in their creations.

The Valentino Vring shoulder bags have a vintage feel with the Valentino logo and leather tassel with a classic shape. The Vring is my go to for business, travel and after hours with lots of room and secure with a closure so my items aren’t visible.

The style comes in small and medium sizes with one color or two tone. The small size is perfect for afternoon and evening wear and the larger size is my work bag. Chic and stylish with the vintage retro feel I adore.

I love when fashion houses go back to their archives to recreate and draw inspiration. Looking to past designs and modernizing it for present use is always a win situation.