I have come to a personal opinion that I must force myself to exercise even when I am feeling exhausted after a long day’s work or business travel. Once I do, I truly feel the stress falling off my body and sense that I have regained my equilibrium. After a certain age we woman face so many hormonal changes that I feel exercise not only centers us but gives us a physical release in addition to an all-important mental & spiritual release.

I needed to change my exercise routine as I was not seeing any tangible results, when I was introduced to a very accomplished personal trainer named Jay Morgan the founder of Born to Be Fit. Jay Morgan has been named one of the best trainers in Washington, DC and once you start training with him you quickly learn why.

I have always been athletic but training with Jay is helping me reach another level of physical exercise. You hear about trainers motivating their clients but Jay sets the bar super high and challenges me to excel. I am now performing dead lifts, jumping rope, running stairs, mastering the TRX system, performing abdominal exercises with weights, on the Bosu balance trainer and performing all the different types’ of advanced exercises that I never thought I can handle at my age.

It just illustrates to me that at any age we can train our bodies to change and evolve if we are receiving the right direction and coaching even if we have a preexisting injury. I never thought I would look forward to exercising however my whole system feels so much better when I am done and I have a real sense of accomplishment. Thank you Jay for pushing me to a higher level of fitness!