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Art Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol- My Art Crush

My fascination with Andy Warhol started in my youth. I was intrigued with this fragile looking artist that created a new medium and had his own posse of friends that surrounded his ever action. As a marketing executive I feel he was the original creator of social media. He tested boundaries and introduced a medium of art that was nonexistent …

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Art Bulgari Diva

Diva Watch- Bulgari

Lots of business travel & work makes me totally exhausted. This is the time my mind starts fantasizing about jewelry I do not need but can appreciate. I am obsessed with handmade craftsmanship because we live in an age of mass production. Everything we touch is fast & furious. It seems that speed is what we aspire too on any …

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Art Shirin Neshat

Shirin Neshat- Hirshhorn Museum-Washington, DC

I am honored, privileged and proud that Shirin Neshat is having a solo retrospective at the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, DC entitled “Facing History”. You might ask why. The reason is that as an Iranian-American woman I am overjoyed that her art is being introduced to a group of citizens that might not otherwise have access to her work if …

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Art Graff Butterfly Watch

GRAFF butterfly watch

I fall in love with objects because of their beauty and not their value. To me the GRAFF butterfly watch available with emeralds, rubies or sapphires covered in diamonds is a work of art. Made my master craftsmen, it is an item to cherish and not just use to tell time. The watch showcases small bejeweled butterflies floating on the …

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Art Gospel Music 02

Gospel- Lifts my soul…

I just adore gospel music. It takes me to another level and for me it is like meditation. The words, verses & music are just beautiful creating an aura of peacefulness. Gospel opens my heart and lifts my soul. I like nothing better than good food and great music on a weekend. Enter The Sunday Gospel brunch at the Howard …

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Art Margot McKinney Featured

Margot McKinney- Unique jewels

I am enamored by craftsmanship of any kind as it seems to be a dwindling away in this age of mass production. My Mother’s father was a jewelry wholesaler so I guess I have jewels in my blood. Since I was a little girl, I saw beautiful & rare jewels and grow up with a sensibility for the healing powers …

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Art Tur David Webb

Turquoise interpreted by David Webb

I am obsessed with turquoise and David Webb Jewels. Turquoise because it is a soothing stone and David Webb jewels because this iconic American brand is over the top glamorous. These pieces are expensive but like pieces of art that one can look at & cherish. The three bracelets pictured are some of my favorites mixing turquoise, diamonds, tiger-eye, enamel …

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Music Massive Attack


I first heard the music of the group MASSIVE ATTACK while on business travel to Asia. The English band was formed in Bristol in 1988 and has an alternative/esoteric musical style. After reading further about them I have found that they are very passionate about their music & politics. I was just blown away with their musical style because it …

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Music Groove Armada

Groove Armada

Music is my life line especially when I travel. It grounds me and certain genres of music remind me of loved ones, special moments and place me in a great mood. Music allows me to day dream and not feel the pressure of being displaced on the road. Enter Andy Cato & Tom Findley the English duo that makes up …

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Art Sepenti Watches

Serpenti Turquoise & Coral Watch-BULGARI

The Bulgari Turquoise & Coral Serpenti watches are not just timepieces but pieces of art! An iconic adornment for the arm designed and produced by master craftsmen. I have a fascination with this timepiece and the other versions that have been made from the 1940’s. The materials have ranged from enamel, steel, rose gold, diamonds, coral, and turquoise, mother of …

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