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Art Sepenti Watches

Serpenti Turquoise & Coral Watch-BULGARI

The Bulgari Turquoise & Coral Serpenti watches are not just timepieces but pieces of art! An iconic adornment for the arm designed and produced by master craftsmen. I have a fascination with this timepiece and the other versions that have been made from the 1940’s. The materials have ranged from enamel, steel, rose gold, diamonds, coral, and turquoise, mother of …

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Luscious Indian Jewelry

I am always in search of custom pieces as the world is becoming filled with mass production. Enter the brothers Salim & Samir who along with their family make up the Taj Company selling the most exquisite jewelry made in India. The pieces whether earrings, rings or bracelets are truly works of art created by artisans. The family has been …

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Art MIA Doha

The Museum of Islamic Art- Doha, Qatar

The Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar is a feast for the eyes! Designed by the renowned architect I. M Pei the museum is made out of limestone and influenced by the Ibn Tulun Mosque in Cairo. The MIA consists of a main building, adjacent education center and a courtyard. I love exploring food choices in every museum I …

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Music Blue Six

Blue Six- Beautiful Tomorrow

With the New Year upon us I want to share one of my favorite groups for relaxation especially for listening too while on long haul flights This is Blue Six and their stunning album called Beautiful Tomorrow. Created in 2002 by Jay Denes who formed Naked Music. He is able to transform one to sexy state of relaxation. I originally …

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ART Holiday Glitter

Holiday Glitter

I adore all that GLITTERS for the holidays! Here steps in my dear friend Jennifer Ueng, the founder of Jye’s Luxury collection. Jennifer has the most beautiful taste when designing fine jewelry. She is a creative talent to be reckoned with and the most humble & giving person I know. Her designs with 18 karat gold brushed gold and diamonds …

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Art Ed Kashi

Ed Kashi- Visionary

I am honored to have worked with Ed Kashi processing visas for many of his international assignments. Ed Kashi is a contributing photographer for National Geographic Society, an esteemed photojournalist, educator, filmmaker and co-creator of multimedia non-profit Taking Eye Media. He is a true visionary in my mind in the manner in which he tells a tale through his photography. …

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Art Shirin Neshat


I have been enamored by the work created by Shirin Neshat for a very long period. As a woman born in the Middle East and now residing in the WEST her story and the tale she so eloquently delivers resonates with me. I am taken aback by her extreme talent and her sense of humbleness. Her video installations, photographs and …

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Art I Am My Own Guru

Work of ART – I am my OWN GURU

I adore the art work of Kourosh Gorji because it touches my senses! There are times when an artist’s message finds a connection with one and you bond with his or her work. In Kourosh’s work I see inner reflection and a story that needs to be told. I feel in love with his “I am my OWN GURU” painting …

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Art Bob Krist

Bob Krist- Man of Pictures

Bob Krist is truly a Man of Pictures! A contributor to National Geographic Traveler, Smithsonian and other major publications. I am fortunate to have worked with Mr. Krist securing his visas while he has traveled the world taking his mesmerizing photographs. I came to know the kind and humble man that takes these stunning photographs that moves one. What I …

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Art Disney MusicCenter

DISNEY Concert Hall- Los Angeles

I am crazy about all things Frank Gehry has created! To take buildings and make then three dimensional is truly an experience for the on looker. I was attending a business conference in downtown LA and top on my list was to visit the Walt Disney Concert Hall I was not disappointed by what I found, a fantastic performing arts …

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