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Food Boulangarie Boul Mich F01

La Boulangerie Boul’ Mich- Great Breakfast fare Miami Area

I travel for business a great deal, so I get tired of eating in hotels. Even the food at the nicest five star hotel seems bland after a while. If I have time when traveling for business especially during a weekend, I tend to explore and get out for breakfast so that my day seems a bit more normal and …

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Beauty My Favorite Guerlain Scent F01

My favorite Guerlain scent!

Traveling to Tunis with my family last December I smelled the luscious new scent Mon Guerlain and it was love at first sight! A combination of sambac jasmine, carla lavender, vanilla and mandarin gives Mon Guerlain a unique scent, a bit oriental with the sandalwood but at the same time fresh and light with the jasmine and lavender. The design …

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Health Fitness My Travel Exercise Routine F02

My travel exercise routine to keep me healthy!

I have learned that in order to cope with the stress of business travel I need to get up early and do some exercise while traveling. I have lower back issues so siting on a plane, at a conference or in meetings for an extended period of time wreaks havoc with my back. To offset the damage that sitting causes …

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Fashion Tom Ford Tote F01

Tom Ford- Logo Mania

I live for totes when traveling for business or leisure! I can stuff everything inside to make my travel more seamless. I am not usually a logo person and don’t feel the need to advertise for anyone but the Tom Ford canvas logo tote is a favorite. I find this TF tote functional because its oversized, sturdy and roomy. I …

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Travel Four Seasons Trinity London F01

Four Seasons Trinity London- Sublime service in London

I am very fortunate that I get to travel to some great destinations for business and stay in some wonderful properties. Lately, I have tried to really appreciate my surroundings and not let events pass me by. On a recent business trip to London I had the good fortune to stay at the Four Seasons Trinity Square which is a …

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Travel Four Seasons Tunis F01

Four Seasons Tunis- Total bliss on North Africa’s Mediterranean coast

My family decided to take a holiday trip together last December and after lots of deliberation we decided to visit Tunis because of all the culture, history and cuisine. It was quite an accomplishment as we all live all over the globe and Tunis was a great location for those that reside in Europe and the Middle East. Not so …

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Food Travel Margaritas On The Hills F01

Margaritas on the Hills- Punta Mita, Mexico

Margaritas on the Hills is a super casual restaurant owned by Hector and Patricia situated on a hill overlooking the Bay of Banderas. I felt like I was dining in a tree house that serves great food! Hector and Patricia greet guests and take care of all aspects of the restaurant themselves except for the cooking. The ambience is super …

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Travel Food Tuna Blanca F01

Tuna Blanca- Punta Mita, Mexico

I just returned from a business trip to Mexico, one of my favorite countries because of the warmth I receive on arrival. The culture, people and food are just mesmerizing and always brightening my soul. Through the years traveling to Mexico I have noticed that the food scene has truly evolved. In the coastal towns the fish and produce are …

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Food Travel Timber Pizza F01

Timber Pizza- Washington, DC

There have been so many changes to the dining scene in Washington, DC in the last few years. New areas have popped up and so much urban revitalization has occurred. I adore when a city comes alive and people are moving about and enjoying the city after work hours. I am not a huge fan of pizza but I have …

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Fashion Valentino Vring LogoBag F01

Valentino Vring- Logo Bag

I love classic and elegant bags that can be worn for years and be passed down through family and friends. I don’t follow fast trends that come and go so when a fashion line like Valentino goes back to their archives for design inspirations I relish in their creations. The Valentino Vring shoulder bags have a vintage feel with the …

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