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Fashion Tom Ford

My Fashion Icon- Tom Ford Fall Dresses

My fashion obsession is Tom Ford because he designs clothes that flatter a woman and are useable in a timeless manner. His clothes have clean lines with an edge that makes each piece wearable art. Stylish, classic and chic, each piece lasts the test of time, beyond trend. One doesn’t look outdated or out of style in Tom Ford’s design. …

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Travel US Travel Ban 02

Supreme Court Decision- US Executive Travel Ban

Guest Blogger and Travel Document System’s Director of Social Media Kristin Zern has written a great overview on the recent Supreme Court decision on the US Travel Ban. Kristen piece is as follows: President Trump’s Executive Travel Ban has been partly reinstated with a full hearing of the issues in the fall. The Supreme Court will then decide whether the …

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Travel Hotel Caruso

A GEM! Belmomd Hotel Caruso

I am enamored with Italy and the Italian coast. My family resides in Monte-Carlo so this part of the world brings back lots of happy memories and wonderful times shared with my family and close friends. Situated on a cliff overlooking the Amalfi coast, The Belmomd Hotel Caruso is pure magic. The view from the hotel is stunning, taking one …

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Fashion Emilio Pucci

Emilio Pucci a Fashion Icon!

Emilio Pucci was born in 1914 to an aristocratic and noble family from Florence Italy. Pucci was a politician, air force pilot, Olympic skier and then a fashion designer and businessman. He was a true renaissance man that decided after WWII to start designing a line of clothing for woman from the family Palazzo in Florence. He started designing dresses, …

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Travel Cuba


We at Travel Document Systems are always working hard to address our clients needs! We are here to assist, provide support and answer those perplexing travel questions about visa and passport issuance. Recently with the normalization of relations between the US and Cuba, we have received many questions about visa processing. Especially about obtaining visas in advance for Cuba as …

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Fashion Massaro 01


I am obsessed with craftsmanship and artisanal workmanship because so much these days has become mass produced. Since 1894 the house of Massaro has made custom made shoes. Raymond Massaro who studied the craft of shoemaking, like his Father and Grandfather, heads the family company. Massaro was bought by Chanel in 2002 and is located in Paris at 2 Rue …

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Travel SecondUSPassports BusinessTravelers

Second US Passports a necessity for Business Travelers!

Those of us that travel a great deal for business know that we must obtain visas and or permits to entry certain countries. At the same time, we might have an urgent business trip come up that requires us to travel internationally with our passport. This leaves one in a difficult predicament but if one has a second passport one …

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Fashion ROCHAS Accessories My Happy Place

ROCHAS Accessories- My happy place!

Anyone that knows me knows that I deal with my issues, stresses and bad days with by collecting shoes! I am obsessed with shoes because as a businessperson shoes allow me to change my look from casual on a plane, to professional for a meeting, to glam at night! When traveling for business I can’t take tons of clothes but …

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Food Travel  SALT Waterfront ShelterIsland

SALT waterfront- Shelter Island

I adore spending time with my sister Sherry and family at her home in East Hampton. Certain places bring one peace and happiness mentally, affording one time to relax and reflect. Being withy my sister in East Hampton brings me solace and joy. Sherry is amazing when it comes to exploring and finding fun places to visit and eat. She …

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Health Exercise Strength 02

A strong FIT woman is a smart Woman!

As we get older, I feel it is even more imperative as a woman to get into shape to be able to deal with life’s changes, protect oneself physically and fight off disease. I think exercising at an older age is for reasons other than when I was exercising when younger. I know I must exercise to deal with the …

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