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Art Mesmerizing World Music1

Mesmerizing world music

I am obsessed and passionate about the music of Katayoun Goodarzi and the master sitar player Shujaat Husain Khan. Their new album “SPRING” is stunning with Katayoun reciting Rumi’s poems to the soul moving sitar of Shujaat Husain Khan. I was fortunate to see Shujaat Husain khan play at the Freer Gallery in Washington, DC and it was riveting. Music …

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Travel Monte Carlo Gleaming

Monte Carlo Gleaming

For me Monaco is not about Glitz & Ritz. It is where my family resides so I see it from a familiar prospective. I see people going grocery shopping, getting their car repaired and dealing with issues we all face on a daily basis. It surprises friends that visit with me how “NORMAL” they actually are. I adore traveling to …

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Food My Favorite Dining Venues Monaco

My favorite dining venues – Monaco

Food for me is not just about eating but spending quality time with family & friends which in turn means relaxation. My work day is fast and furious so once dinner rolls around I want to slow it down and take time having my meal. I was born in the Middle East so for my family food always plays an …

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Food Delicious Local Food Istanbul

Delicious local food in Istanbul!

Lacivert-Istanbul, Turkey Stunning view from the Asian side under the 2nd bridge leading from the European side. Go for sunset so you can cherish the view. Fresh seafood and wonderful service. Love taking a water taxi from my hotel to this venue. They also provide a complimentary water shuttle from the European side to the restaurant. A must if you …

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Fashion Alchemist Amazing Miami Fashion

Alchemist – Amazing Miami Fashion

I was recently in Miami and I am in LOVE with the store Alchemist!!! Their store is truly a curated selection of designer items. Their style & selection is so unique in an age of cookie cutter stores and merchandise. I know the word “CURATED” has been beaten to death but they have such a keen eye. Currently they have …

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Health My Favorite Personal Trainer DC

Personal Trainer – Washington, DC area

Like many woman my age my road to fitness has been one of love and HATE! I know deep down that I must exercise and that the exercise will assist me in alleviating so many maladies both mental & physical but trying to juggle work, family and ME time is sometimes impossible. Then twelve years ago at a dinner I …

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Fashion Haute Couture Paris

Haute Couture – Paris

Fashion is truly my PASSION! If Fashion is a crime then you can go ahead and arrest me. You might think it sounds a bit shallow because I should be writing about WORLD PEACE and trying to solve the world’s issues but we all need to have a fun outlet after leading taxing daily business lives. In Fashion I find …

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Art Iran Modern At Asia Society

Iran Modern at Asia Society

The recent exhibit at the Asia Society called IRAN MODERN really touched me on a personal level. The exhibit shows more than 100 works of art by 26 pre-revolution artists, many of them friends of my Aunt Farideh Gohari. My Aunt Farideh was on the vanguard of the Iranian Arts movement and one of the founding members of the Iranian …

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Food The Cake Shop Mandarin Oriental Paris

The Cake Shop – Mandarin Oriental Paris

Right on the bustling part of Paris on the Rue Saint Honore rests the Cake Shop at the Mandarin Oriental. In a city filled with amazing pastry stores this place holds its own. These pastries are little works of art. A plus is that this little slice of heaven is flanked by a restaurant and bar that have outdoor seating. …

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Food PowerFood DC

Power food in Washington, DC

Bourbon Steak- outdoor terrace- Washington, DC YES, I know it is part of the Michael Mina Empire but I ADORE the terrace! It is in the heart of bustling Georgetown but truly an oasis. Whether going for a drink or dinner enjoy the atmosphere. Service is great and seasonal selections. Marcel’s- Washington, DC One of the best in DC but …

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