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Fashion Sauvage Swimwear

Sauvage Swimwear

It is extremely cold here in Washington DC, however, I am writing this blog post dreaming about being on a beach anywhere in the world! No place relaxes me more than being on the beach taking in the fresh air, watching the waves hit the shore and placing my toes in the soothing warm water. It is my NIRVANA being …

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Food Malibu Farm

Malibu Farm (Malibu Pier)

I travel to Los Angeles for business which like any large city can be draining but when I can take a break and drive to Malibu I feel like my heart is beating a bit slower and I can decompress. There is a certain hippy vibe about Malibu that I adore even though it is an affluent area it still …

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Music Massive Attack


I first heard the music of the group MASSIVE ATTACK while on business travel to Asia. The English band was formed in Bristol in 1988 and has an alternative/esoteric musical style. After reading further about them I have found that they are very passionate about their music & politics. I was just blown away with their musical style because it …

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Beauty Breona Russell

My Beauty Savior

As one ages ones “Natural Glow” is not that natural anymore. I for sure need some help especially if I have to go an event and “GOD FORBID” be photographed. Here steps in my amazing friend and make-up artist Breona Russell at MAC cosmetics. I know that beauty is inward & eternal but at times you want your outward appearance …

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Travel Travel Essentials 03

My Travel Tips & Essentials

Being on the road as much as I am, I have a routine that I follow to make my travel experience more comfortable and less of a drain on my body. It is hard enough to be away from family, friends and the comfort of home so I try to make my existence on the road as stress free as …

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Music Groove Armada

Groove Armada

Music is my life line especially when I travel. It grounds me and certain genres of music remind me of loved ones, special moments and place me in a great mood. Music allows me to day dream and not feel the pressure of being displaced on the road. Enter Andy Cato & Tom Findley the English duo that makes up …

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Art Sepenti Watches

Serpenti Turquoise & Coral Watch-BULGARI

The Bulgari Turquoise & Coral Serpenti watches are not just timepieces but pieces of art! An iconic adornment for the arm designed and produced by master craftsmen. I have a fascination with this timepiece and the other versions that have been made from the 1940’s. The materials have ranged from enamel, steel, rose gold, diamonds, coral, and turquoise, mother of …

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Travel Doha Qatar

Doha, Qatar

My work takes me too many exotic locales. I love to travel because I am immersed in another culture which allows me to absorb so much about the environment I am visiting. It always surprises me that what I read in the press is not what I encounter on the ground upon my arrival. The locals are always so hospitable …

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