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Health MotivationandCalm JayShetty F01

Motivation and Calm- Jay Shetty

Before this global corona virus that we are experiencing together I was always looking for ways to calm my mind, work on my breathing and feed my soul. At times it is difficult because as womwn we tend to be caretakers and caregivers to all around us. There comes a time when we have to heal ourselves first before we …

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Health FoodChoices ImmuneHealth F01

Dr. Mark Hyman- Food Choices & Immune Health

Before the corona virus pandemic my main concern was about keeping my family, work team and myself healthy. Since I used to travel a great deal and work long hours I was concerned about my immune system staying strong so I could handle my work and personal responsibilities. I started reading about Dr. Mark Hyman and his approach to food …

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Chaharshanbe Suri

Chaharshanbe Suri- Persian New Year Festival of Fire & light

With these trying times I am trying to navigate through difficult circumstances to the best of my ability. There are traditions and holidays I don’t want to forget but need to modify to be safe and healthy. Chaharshanbe Suri is the festival of light and fire on the last Wednesday before Nowruz which is the Persian New Year. Chaharshanbe means …

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Health Beauty  My Go To Relax F01

My methods for relaxing during stressful times

I am trying to close our offices, go virtual and there is stress on top of stress. I am concerned about my team members, my family, my clients and myself. During these times of crisis it is very difficult to remain calm and relax the mind because there is so much information being sent to me from so many different …

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Health Beauty Avocado Mask Farmhouse Fresh F01

Soothing Avocado Hydration Mask- Farmhouse Fresh

We are in difficult times with news of the corona virus, global markets falling and a sense of unease about traveling. Since I run a travel documentation business most of my business travel has been cancelled for the time being. I am finding ways to relax and soothe my senses at home that don’t cost me a great deal. I …

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Health Beauty Magnesium Gummies Natural Vitality F01

Calm Magnesium Gummies- Natural Vitality

I am always trying to find natural remedies to calm my body and mind because we live in a stressful world. It seems every day there is something that we must deal with whether it be in our personal or professional life. I found the Calm Magnesium Gummies by natural vitality to be great for promoting healthy magnesium levels and …

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Health Fitness Core Exercises F01

My go to core exercises to strengthen my core and back!

I have lower back issues and sitting at work, flying for long hours and daily life stresses don’t help my situation! At times I am so fatigued that before or after work I don’t want to exercise but if I don’t, I face severe back issues and pain. I have found that core exercises help strengthen my core which stabilizes …

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Beauty Health Lashfood F01

Lashfood- Conditioning Collagen Lash Primer

As one gets older and deals with environmental stresses, lashes tend to get sparser and I am hesitant to place any unnatural product on my lashes that would be harmful to my eyes. I found the Lashfood collagen lash primer to be a fantastic primer to condition and elongate my eyelashes before I apply mascara. We are all dealing with …

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