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Health Fitness Core Exercises F01

My go to core exercises to strengthen my core and back!

I have lower back issues and sitting at work, flying for long hours and daily life stresses don’t help my situation! At times I am so fatigued that before or after work I don’t want to exercise but if I don’t, I face severe back issues and pain. I have found that core exercises help strengthen my core which stabilizes …

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Beauty Health Lashfood F01

Lashfood- Conditioning Collagen Lash Primer

As one gets older and deals with environmental stresses, lashes tend to get sparser and I am hesitant to place any unnatural product on my lashes that would be harmful to my eyes. I found the Lashfood collagen lash primer to be a fantastic primer to condition and elongate my eyelashes before I apply mascara. We are all dealing with …

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Beauty Health Vitamin C Serum LaRoche Posay F01

Vitamin C Serum- La Roche- Posay

I get asked a great deal what I use on my face because for my age I have nice skin. One of the key components of my daily facial routine is a vitamin C serum. After I cleanse my face, I apply a vitamin C serum before my facial cream. I find the vitamin C serum protects my skin and …

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Fashion Beauty SVR RoseEclatFaceCream F01

SVR- Rose Eclat Face Cream

I recently traveled to France for business and totally forgot my face cream! That is what happens when you are on back to back business trips. What I adore about the pharmacies in France is that you can purchase great anti-aging face creams for day and night at a reasonable price. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get …

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Beauty Health Coola Tinted Lip Balm F01

Coola- Mineral, Organic Tinted Lip Balm

I am leaning more and more toward organic products for my face and skin. As I grow older, I feel the difference when I place chemical free products on my body. My body is smoother and more radiant. On a recent vacation to East Hampton with my family I came across the Coola line of organic skin and face products …

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Health Beauty Botanica Bazaar Amaganseet F01

Botanica Bazaar- Amaganseet, New York

On my recent trip to Amagansett my family and I headed to the Amagansett Square to walk around and enjoy the local sights. The square is a medley of local stores, quaint restaurants, a yoga studio, a hair salon and my favorite Botanica Bazaar. The Botanica Bazaar is a small beauty emporium based around the concept of natural and healthy …

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Health Fitness Satva F01

Satva- Sustainable Activewear

I exercise to reduce stress and feed my soul, but I dislike the feeling of polyester exercise clothes. I feel constricted in them and they don’t breathe on my skin causing irritation. I recently found the Satva activewear while grocery shopping at Mom’s Organic. Satva apparel is sustainable, made from organic cotton absent of toxic chemicals, and is hypoallergenic which …

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Health Beauty Acure Serum F01

Acure- Brightening Glowing Serum

I am a big believer in serums. I feel they give my skin the added boost that I need to fight aging, free radicals and stress. I always place a serum under my daily moisturizer. It gives me an extra layer of protection especially when I am traveling. I like to mix up my serums so that my skin doesn’t …

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Health My Routine For Endurance F01

My Routine for endurance!

Jay Morgan of the Urban Athletic Club has taught me that a “ a strong women is a smart woman”. I need strength training to get physically and mentally stronger, fight off disease and handle any daily stress! I have back issues and my strength training has assisted me in making my back stronger so that I may work, travel …

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Health  Kettlebell Suitcase Carry F01

Kettlebell Suitcase Carry exercise to make me strong!

To deal with back issues caused by years of wearing high heels, sitting hours at my desk and on planes is doing exercises that strengthen my back.   I work with Jay Morgan of the Urban Athletic Club to give me the correct exercises that will help me and not hurt my back.   Jay believes that the Kettlebell suitcase …

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