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Health  Kettlebell Suitcase Carry F01

Kettlebell Suitcase Carry exercise to make me strong!

To deal with back issues caused by years of wearing high heels, sitting hours at my desk and on planes is doing exercises that strengthen my back.   I work with Jay Morgan of the Urban Athletic Club to give me the correct exercises that will help me and not hurt my back.   Jay believes that the Kettlebell suitcase …

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Health Fitness My Travel Exercise Routine F02

My travel exercise routine to keep me healthy!

I have learned that in order to cope with the stress of business travel I need to get up early and do some exercise while traveling. I have lower back issues so siting on a plane, at a conference or in meetings for an extended period of time wreaks havoc with my back. To offset the damage that sitting causes …

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Health Beauty Sente Daily Cleanser F01

My favorite daily face cleanser- SENTE Daily Soothing Cleanser

I’m asked a lot how I take care of my skin when I travel a great deal. I drink lots of water, I don’t drink any alcohol and I take care of my skin with the right skin care products! My go to daily facial cleanser is the SENTE daily soothing cleanser because it is gentle on my skin, doesn’t …

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Health Beauty Rimmel Nude Eye Palette F

RIMMEL- My go to nude eyeshadow palette!

In my opinion beauty and cosmetic products don’t have to be expensive. One of my favorite eyeshadow palettes is RIMMEL’S nude palette. This palette is everything I want a nude palette to be. I keep one in my Washington, DC office to get me ready for after work events and I always carry one when I travel to fix my …

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Health Fitness My Travel Exercise Routine

My travel Fitness Routine!

When I am traveling for business, I try my best to get to the gym early in the morning or late at night if my time is limited. Exercise helps me fight jet lag, get my blood circulating and helps me fight the stress of constant travel. I have back issues so Jay Morgan of the Urban Athletic Club works …

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Health Fitness SKIERG ROGUE

The SKIERG Conditioning Machine- ROGUE FITNESS

Jay Morgan of the Urban Athletic Club has changed my idea of fitness and exercise! I thought that at a certain age I could only handle some forms of exercise with my bad back. Jay has taught me that by strengthening my back and core I can endure long hours of business travel, sitting at my desk or in meetings …

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Travel Fitness  Da Luigi Beach Club Capri Feature

Da Luigi Beach Club- Capri

Capri is a stunning part of the Amalfi Coast, not easy to get to but worth the trip. In my opinion the best way the get to Capri is from Naples via the fast hydrofoil, a fifty minute ride with stunning views across the bay of Naples. Once in Capri there is an assortment of beach clubs situated on the …

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Health Fitness Concept2 Rower02

My favorite Cardio Equipment!

I know I must exercise to fight off stress, weight gain and to stay healthy! However, I detest getting on the treadmill and I don’t live near a beach to take peaceful walks each morning. With these limitations I found a great cardio solution for me. The cardio equipment that I have become enamored with is the Concept 2 rower. …

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Beauty Hourglass Concealer

My Favorite Concealer!

Hours in the office, business travel and events make me feel and look haggard. I can’t leave the house without applying my concealer under my eyes to make them pop and even out my skin tone. My favorite concealer is the HOURGLASS hidden corrective concealer. This concealer is magic! A creamy, weightless and moisturizing concealer that blends easily into my …

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Fashion Health TFord BlueBlock

Blue Block Collection- TOM FORD EYEGLASSES

I spend so many hours on my desktop in my corporate US office or on my digital devices while traveling for business. At the end of the day I sense my eyes are extremely tired and my vision is not as clear as in the morning. The blue light from these devices is not healthy for me. With excessive use …

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