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Health  My Routine Good Nights Sleep F03

My routine for a good nights sleep!

For me, sleep is imperative! Some people can go with a small amount of sleep and function but I can’t. I need my full eight hours to feel rejuvenated. Right now with the health, emotional and financial crisis we are facing I need self love and care even more. Sleep is now paramount for me to function and I follow …

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Health Illume Candles Soothing Scents F01

Illume candles- soothing scents for my soul

It has been an adjustment working from home when I spent so much time traveling for business. I had to recreate the correct vibe in my home so I could start working. It starts with the right comforting music and then scent which is so important for the senses. I am a fan of organic handles with fresh scents that …

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Health Beauty JRWatkinsLemonHandsoap F02

JR Watkins Lemon Handsoap

I am washing my hands so often these days even while working from home that they are chapped, dry and brittle. I came across the JR. Watkins Lemon hand soap and bought several bottles for the bathroom and kitchen. The formula is plant based with a fantastic refreshing lemon scent. With no animal testing and paraben free. The formula leaves …

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Fashion Health DonnaLewis FaceMasks F01

Donna Lewis Face Masks- Local Black Owned Business in Alexandria Virginia

My friends Donna and Chris Lewis, the owners of Donna Lewis USA, have the most charming store tucked away in a quaint courtyard in Alexandria Virginia. These black entrepreneurs carry the most exquisite clothes but during this health crisis they decided to offer 100 percent cotton handmade fabric masks made from recycled Italian fabric through their website. I ordered masks …

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Health Korean Banobagi BrighteningFoilMaskforaglow F01

Korean Banobagi Brightening Foil Mask for a  glow!

In these uncertain times we are dealing with a health pandemic, equality issues and financial strains to name a few. I find self care to be important for my mental state. I used to travel a great for business and now I am at home working and handling life’s challenges.   I try to incorporate a few routines into my …

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Health  Elderberry Liquid Mygoto For Immune System F01

Elderberry liquid- my go to for my immune system

Through decades of travel I have come across some recommendations from clients in other countries that have really assisted me in strengthening my immune system and keeping me in good health.  I find it very helpful because different people have different types of remedies to fight illness and strengthen their immune system. I have found the recommendation of my European clients to …

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Health SLPBaby Natural Silk Pillowcases

SLPBaby Natural Silk Pillowcases for a restful Sleep!

A good nights sleep is bliss! Research has shown that sleeping well assists with fighting disease, stress and helps us live longer. Our bodies need to rejuvenate and especially during these stressful times good sleep is paramount. I know when I get a good nights sleep I am much better able to deal with life’s stresses. On my business trips …

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Health Headspace APPformindfulness Meditation F01

Headspace- APP for mindfulness & meditation

In these uncertain times I find my mind goes in all directions. At times it is hard for me to center myself and when this happens I turn to meditation. I learned years ago that I can silence my mind and reduce my internal stress by meditating. My routine of meditation has helped me in adverse situations, relaxing my mind …

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Beauty Health Shu Uemura F01

Shu Uemura shampoo & conditioner for reviving colored hair!

 I don’t usually get excited because of a shampoo and conditioner but during this shelter at home period I was running out of shampoo and conditioner when I realized I had asked a friend that owns a hair salon in Los Angeles to give me some samples of the Shu Uemura hair products. I had heard that this Japanese brand …

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Health Beauty Natural Lemon Ginger Shower Gel Korres F01

Natural Lemon Ginger shower Gel- Korres

At this point in our live’s we are all washing our hands many times a day. As a result my hands are dry from extensive washing even though I soak them with lotion at bedtime. I want to make sure that I wash my hands with natural ingredients because of the amount of times I wash per day! I adore …

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